Ohio Utilities Protection Service's Ticket Updater application allows excavators to update a locate request that has been processed through O.U.P.S. within the past 90 days. The information from the original request CANNOT be modified or edited in any way. Remarkings/Updates are only necessary if the excavation did not commence within 10 days (ORC: 3781.28 (A) or the markings are destroyed or removed before the excavation is completed, the excavator shall notify the utility that the markings have been destroyed or removed, and the utility shall remark the approximate locations within 48 hours of the notice. (ORC: 3781.31) It is also recommended that if the crew leaves the job site for any number of consecutive days, for safety purposes that the lines be remarked before any additional excavation commences.

Please be aware that you must provide the ticket number and the phone number used when the ticket was originally processed to gain access to this application. If you would like to receive an email confirmation copy, of your updated ticket, you must provide your email address.

No emergency.

No request that is less than the required 48 hours and not more than 10 days (excluding weekends and legal holidays).

No Pre-Planning/Design requests.

If you are unable to meet ALL of these requirements, please exit this application and contact the center at 800-362-2764 or dial 8-1-1 to process your locate request. Requests submitted using this application are not valid until a "Successfully Submitted" message and the new ticket number are displayed.